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"Art must always follow nature and never oppose it" William Cavendish

 Schmitt Training Center (STC) is a stunningly beautiful, full-service horse facility located in the rolling hills of Somerset, Wisconsin.  Owned by trainers and instructors, Rick and Kari Schmitt, the center works with horses of all breeds, ages and disciplines along with their owners/riders/handlers with a focus to help improve relationships and communication.  The goal is always to teach riders and handlers to become better FOR their horse(s) by learning how to approach situations according to the horse's point of view; and it is very often contrary to how we, as humans, want to see or do.  This point, along with the fact that working with a horse must be done according to its nature and well-being, is the reason that Schmitt Training Center believes in the art of riding and handling, and doing what is possible to preserve that art.  It never, ever involves gadgets or quick-fixes, but rather time, patience, education, understanding and practice.  This is how the team at STC trains and teaches, following their carefully-constructed Steps for Success program that they have taken years to develop.   The team continually evolves with their ongoing studies, focusing on the classical seat, natural horsemanship, and French classical dressage. They thoroughly enjoy sharing their knowledge with their students and horses through lessons, classes/courses, clinics and their popular Demos and Discussions!

"Horses have perception as well as feeling, comparison and memory; they therefore have judgement and recall, and they therefore have intelligence." Francois Baucher

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