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Do you sometimes feel like you're stuck in a rut or not advancing as quickly as you could towards your horsemanship goals?  Do you want to have better communication with your horse,but you're not sure how to make it happen?

For many years, STC has been working toward formalizing their "Steps to Success" program to help with these issues.  Steps to Success is a structured, progressive education and skills program that allows you to determine exactly where you are and where you would like to be with your horse, as well as teach you the skills to get there.  The foundation skills in the program can help students in a variety of disciplines, be it western, English, dressage, trail, ranch work or fun on the ground with liberty or groundwork (also for purposes such as trailer loading).

Steps to Success courses are not something you can expect to fly through or conquer quickly in order to move on.  They are designed to be challenging and yet not overwhelming.  They make the goal of what is being taught clear, then provide opportunities to practice and improve before advancing to the next class.

Why is this so important?  In the world of horsemanship, many fundamentals are missed or skipped in pursuit of a goal, attaining a level, or winning a competition.  Yet, it is these fundamentals that can acutally help you reach these goals in a way that is both safe and satisfying for both you and your horse.  Steps for Success courses go into detail and provide practice with feedback so steps are not skipped.  In good conscience, we believe it is unfair to both horse and human students to provide instruction any other way.  We love to teach and advance in our own education, and we love the excitement of those who experience how learning can increase their enjoyment with their horse, as well as help them progress toward their goals.

Contact Kari for more details on courses offered and how you can participate as a rider/handler or auditor!


                               "Every horse has something to teach.  Every person has something to learn"


"I liked the small, controlled group in an area that could easily accommodate the class size."   - Pam

"I learned something in every single session.  I was able to ask questions.  I liked the relevant verbal and physical explanation.  I could see my work translate into Cairo's knowledge/skill.  I also feel more connected to my horse and probably wouldn't feel that way if it wasn't for this course." - Emily

"I liked how practical it was.  Every piece is necessary to be safe and to succeed in the saddle.  The leading game put it all together.  This is the course every new horse owner should take, and every experienced rider will take something new away with how they work with horses.  This course provides the tools to increase your knowledge, safety, confidence, and fun!!!" - Jessie

"I like the idea that participants need to test out...before they can skip to a higher-level class.  By doing this, when we take a class, most horses and participants are at the same level, and the material being presented will be accommodating and successful for the people taking the class.  There is nothing worse than participants or horses out of control when taking a course because they are not ready, training wise, to be in the class." - Pam

"Great hosts, sponsor, organization.  The day flowed very well.  I was not overwhelmed with info.  The facility is great!  Thank you for the stall!  Well done!" - Julie


"The skill of the rider lies in the way that he plans a logical sequence of learning events.  The wiser he is, the more he will arouse the horse's curiosity and provide an element of fun in work that it enjoys." - Philippe Karl

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