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 We currently have three course booklets available and working on more!  While all  students enrolled in a course receive the corresponding course booklet at no charge, they are also available to anyone interested for $10/ea (if being mailed, the cost is $15/ea).  The booklets, in general, are designed to support the courses, but they can be a good way to begin to explore the relationship you have with your horse.  A course progress assessment will accompany the booklet as a way for you to get an idea of where you are with your horse. 

We are looking forward to being able to offer assistance to those who buy a booklet and are unable to participate in a course.  The option of sending in a video of you and your horse working through a course exercise for assessment will be available soon!  

GROUNDWORK 1: FUNDAMENTALS - This course begins with reading and assessing the horse, which develops a starting point for the handler.  From there, it goes into isolating and moving different parts of the horse to ground tying to the leading exercise (which is a beginning to liberty work) and more!

GROUNDWORK 2: THE NEXT STEP - After being introduced to the basics in Groundwork 1: Fundamentals, you begin to bring your skills to another level in this next course booklet.  Realizing the patience of developing subtle cues, you'll see how you can ask the least to get the most - which results in your horse paying even more attention to you.  This course includes preparing and addressing the horse's position at the mounting block.

RIDING 1: THE FUNDAMENTALS (FOUNDATION) - When riding, we use a bit to communicate with our horses, but do you know the purpose of and how your bit acutally works?  Do you know how to work with your horse through the bit in groundwork and how to directly transfer that work into the saddle?  Once in the saddle, are you aware of your balance and that of your horse?  This is where Riding 1 takes you as you begin to connect the dots and make the transition from the ground to the saddle consistent and clear for you and your horse.

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