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Horse Rescue Care Drive

We all love to take care of our horses, right?  We make sure they have all the necessities, but we also love to spoil them a bit, too!  Unfortunately, there are so many horses out there who are in desperate need of even just the basics to survive.  They could have been surrendered to a rescue because of difficult times, they are older or have disabilities, were found in kill pens, or even just discarded simply because they didn't fit a "mold" or weren't "good enough/fancy enough."  All are heartbreaking situations.

Sometimes it's easy to feel helpless, as there are so many horses in need; but we CAN do something!  STC has started a "care drive," where we will take in donations of items that we will bring to two horses rescues/sanctuaries every month!  These two organizations, This Old Horse (specifically Claddagh Farm in New Richmond, WI) and Pony Tales (near Colfax, WI), are very dear to us, and we would like to invite you to join us in helping them help these horses.

If you have items that are in good condition that you don't need anymore (blankets, fly masks, etc), maybe consider donating instead of selling .  If you have extra, unopened, not-expired wormers, feed, salt blocks, etc, those could be donated, too!  We can't forget about the amazing volunteers who donate their time at these facilities!  They can use snacks, boots, etc.  Just bring them to our barn, and we will get them to This Old Horse or Pony Tales!

Keep in mind, you can also consider donating your time and skills, too!

If you have any questions, please contact Kari at 651-283-0326 or  You can also visit the two rescue sites at and  Let's help make a difference for these horses in need!

*There is no time deadline for donations.  We will bring items to the rescues every month.

*Please contact Kari with an estimated time of drop-off in order for us to keep things organized.  Unless donating

    anonymously, please have your name with the items so we can recognize your generosity.

*Please make sure items are in good condition and clean.

*If donating tack (for Pony Tales), if the rescue doesn't end up using it, they will add it to their tack sale.  It's a win/win for them as they

    receive tack they can either use or it can help them raise money!

                                                                         EXAMPLES OF ITEMS NEEDED:

*Zimectrin Gold                                             *Absorbine                                                   *Snacks (for volunteers)

*Probios probiotic                                         *Detangler                                                    *Bags of feed (ie: senior, hay stretcher)

*Tough 1 salt block treat on rope                *Hay Chix small-hole 1/2 bale bags           *Blankets

*Small selenium blocks                                 *Halters/leadropes                                      *Fly masks

*lEquimax dewormer                                    *Hand/foot warmers (for volunteers)          *Vet wrap

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